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The choose and buy is calorific underwear has tricks of the trade
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Share of international, country is famous in last few years dress brand takes the lead in will waiting for sports clothing appropriative with Yu Dengshan calorific fiber, use the life kind in dress, development goes high-grade and calorific underwear. Because its have the characteristic that gives out heat moisture absorption, actively, get consumer loves, formed calorific underwear market gradually.

But, still do not understand calorific underwear to fall with the setting of makings characteristic in consumer, the blank that individual business gets calorific underwear level period, disregard fairness and honest credence, with the method of promiscuous concept, exaggerated conduct propaganda, release false advertisement; Promote shoddy, beguiling consumer, incorporate is:

One, promiscuous concept: Segment is sold in terminal, business personnel is intended and promiscuous heat preservation and the concept of calorific, common thread and calorific fiber, heat preservation underwear and calorific underwear, regard common heat preservation underwear as calorific underwear sells, use consumer of information asymmetry misdirect.

2, tag at will: Outside producing a process to use Yuan Gong the blame such as fiber gives out heat fiber, tag calorific fiber on product label however, cheat customer with this.

3, exaggerated conduct propaganda: Examining standard, authoritative without tripartite detect below the circumstance of orgnaization test and verify, carry pair of ad piece have the medium such as editing and rearrangement, can warm up actually only 1, the calorific fiber of 2 Celsius exaggerates can warm up the false appearance of 5 Celsius.

4, false advertisement: Regard “ calorific ” as concept, regard technology of ” of “ calorific fiber as bait, in its the product did not add calorific fibrous circumstance to fall at all, be ignorant of is worn the false advertisement that conscience releases ” of ” of “ calorific fiber, “ calorific underwear.

For cogent the legitimate rights and interests that defends consumer, uphold the market order of fair competition, association of Chinese consumer society, Chinese knitting industry releases following consumptive caution jointly:

One, calorific underwear is not heat preservation underwear. The calorific fiber that uses in calorific underwear, have moisture absorption, active calorific effect, namely: The quantity of heat of calorific underwear arises actively by underwear; Heat preservation underwear is through reducing permeability, reduce be lost of human body caloric, achieve heat preservation result, this kind of heat energy is not arise by underwear.

2, not credulous the oral introduction that promotes personnel. Consumer gives out heat in the choose and buy when underwear, not credulous advertisement and sale guide the introduction that buys personnel a mere verbal statement is no guarantee, temporarily actuation, be decieved be duped.
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