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Option of pregnant Mom underwear is the most important
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Hormonal urgent revulsion is changed inside body of the mother between bosom pregnancy, bring about pregnant woman bodily form to be changed apparently; The markeddest change is because bosom and abdomen are fetal grow and increase. At this moment if the choice of underwear is improper, with respect to can oppressive abdomen and bosom, serious will endanger fetal health, accordingly, the option of the underwear of pregnant woman is important all the more.

Produce the change of prothorax ministry

By be pregnant begin, inside pregnant woman body hormonal secrete produce change, mammary gland amount and develop rate increases gradually, make the breast expands increasingly; After about 5 months, about two size increase when bust bodice comparing was not pregnant, at the same time the distance between the tit increases ceaselessly; Arrived before production, bosom increases degree to be reduced instead. Postpartum 2-3 day, galactic begin to secrete, mammary gland is farther outspread in order to get used to the physiology demand of lactate, make the breast swells subsequently.

Because be pregnant,earlier breast becomes very sensitive, need special protection, should choose to have so enough bear hold force, stretch beautiful in the palm and the underwear of simple sense softness. Jun Xinmian has steel to encircle a bra character, special to be pregnant earlier female is designed, gentle, comfortable, times add aesthetic feeling.

Be pregnant 3-5 month this paragraph of time, grow fetally of pregnant woman spinal bring a burden, want to choose the bust of a few special clipping so, if complete cup designs bra, conduce to pair of bosom bear ask force. The side side Jun Xinhua pushs stereo bra is female of this one pregnancy's right choice.

Be pregnant after 5 months, pregnant woman bosom can swell quickly, should choose the more largish than bosom bra of a few at this moment, be like bra of dock-glass of face of a few light.

The change of antenatal abdomen

Grow fetally adipose layer increases the protection of palace of the defensive wall or stockade surrounding a village that reach a bag thick, increased celiac volume, so the abdomen of pregnant woman is met as the addition of pregnancy around move navel shows radiative shape to swell, accentuated spinal the burden with lower limbs, produce lumbar backache and ankle dropsy easily, till unripe antenatal, abdominal conference is bigger and bigger, heavier and heavier, can amount to 9 kilograms of above.

The expert is recommended

Be pregnant first, metaphase, appropriate chooses to take the briefs of beautiful of flexibility of oak muscle, cloth, in order to strengthen bear hold in the palm fetal the action that reachs protective the small of the back, chooses fabrics is returned must can suck sweat to breathe freely, in order to maintain Gan Shuang, to get used to the change of abdominal bulk, do not purchase bundle of too loose or too close pants. The pants of complete cotton foundation that Jun Xin designs, the pants that hold an abdomen in the palm suits dress of this one period most.
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