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It is the disaster that bust bodice causes
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When the female moves, the breast has three-dimensional campaign, include around campaign, but bust bodice can prevent a breast to move up and down only. According to estimation, the meeting when the female of 60 % moves feels the breast is aching, still some of female is played to the breast when ran move feel bashful.

Dr. Joanna says British motion scientist: “ breast does three-dimensional exercise. Present bust bodice is designed inconsequently, I think this abigail sex does not love sport. Have such a few women really, they consider motion, but without appropriate bust bodice. Just think, why do we need bust bodice? What to need it to do? She lifted ” an example: A girl of 16 years old abandoned playing basketball, the reason is she cannot find appropriate bust bodice.

Si Kaer spent 2 years of time to study movement is right mammary influence. She studied 70 females have the case when all sorts of motion. Among them the cover cup of a volunteer exceeds F cover cup.

Researcher discovery, mammary motion depends on muscle strength, piece head and body quality index. They conclude say, when walk, the extent of the from beginning to end that mammary place of the female becomes, fluctuation, or so motion is equal; When ran, mammary campaign is similar delimit 8 word, the motion of 51 % is fluctuation motion, 22 % are or so motion, 27 % are around motion.

Summary of Dr. Si Kaer says, in existing bust bodice, what can prop up a breast most is “ includes type ” bust bodice. This kind of bust bodice has the cover cup of mutual depart. “ oppresses type ” bust bodice can make the breast is sticking chest compressedly.

Si Kaer says, “ includes type ” bust bodice makes every breast can move independently, and the flank force that prop up is more powerful. The mammary motion that motile bust bodice makes A overspreads a cup of female reduces 53 % , the mammary motion that makes G overspreads a cup of female reduces 55 % .

Dr. Si Kaer is producing business to cooperate with bust bodice at present, the design props up the bust bodice with stronger sex. She hopes, the development of textile of “ intelligence ” can solve difficult problem of a few designs. She says: “ if the bust bodice with the woman dress appropriate strength that prop up, can decrease use stop be fond of medicine, become active and go up too healthy life. ”