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Wash new underwear with brine?
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Most consumer loves to wear pure cotton or real silk kind the underwear that makes, because dress is comfortable. But the clothings fabrics that no matter why be planted,raw material makes, all arrange treatment through coloring and other method, much also course of white is whitened processing, the hangover that because hard to avoid of this clothings surface has dye and chemistry,arranges an agent is qualitative. The free formaldehyde on the dress that we mention usually is textile arranges a process after in, of the in arranging an agent to machine a process in high temperature generation that uses to prevent fabrics to wrinkle. Pure cotton, cleanse cotton kind of textile in arranging an agent, having is a kind such. Additional, there are 18 kinds of azo dyeses in the dye of the goods that catch cotton, already was proved pair of human body are harmful, be in Europe by public proclamation taboo, but in our country a few textile mills still are being used.

Our country is right all sorts of harmful material that contain in treatment of textile, dress have a level. The product that general and large company produces all can reach this one level, but textile small company is numerous, the product of short of standard is not little also. For safe for the purpose of, suggest everybody is best before wearing new underwear first catharsis.

Must use briny catharsis so? Not certain. Briny bases is sodium chloride, dye and a lot of organic matter in arranging an agent and mineral, sodium chloride is not effective to them. Additional, last process that textile is machining uses clear water catharsis, accordingly generally speaking, we wash with clear bath can. If clothings surface has dirt, cleaned with scour with respect to need