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Small bosom woman is wearing a jewel
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The beauty of small bosom is clad, clipping and style are a key, too the jacket with too close dew can make bosom looks more even, do not worry nevertheless, want to learn choice and tie-in recipe only, young woman more add touch of gentle and lovely!

Such wearing the meeting is very good:

There is the jacket of pocket or special pattern before the bosom, can increase emanative result.

Have before the bosom catch plait or bind the design of the belt to be able to let bosom look bigger.

The choice has the cloth of grain or horizontal line jacket, let go up surround look some more well-developed.   

Have the jacket that shoulder pad designs, can make bosom is held out quite it seems that, be worth to invest.   

Choose wider edition connect height skirt, within collocation shirt or sweater can enhance breast enhancement visual sense.   

2 type and the mutiple level illusion that wear a law to be able to cause a vision to go up, produce a plump result.   

The design of the swimsuit mights as well choice bosom line has hem or crape pleat, cloth tall brightness also can make bosom plumper.   

Comfortable and close-fitting dress can show a bosom model, match outside vest or small coat, have weight quite it seems that.   

Delicate and cabinet necklace is very good choice, long necklace can be not worn do not wear!   

Pectoral flower, pectoral or it is this year popular wool pellet brooch, add heft feeling to have.   

Portable packet bag can come well than side knapsack, back type double shoulder is wrapped after also is good choice.