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Breast sticks use tutorial
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Breast sticks the female things that is fashionable avant-courier, stick in what underwear and brassiere can replace on the breast to obstruct a function, have its original place, dan Yicun is in particular healthy risk.

Breast is stuck have two kinds commonly, one kind relies on baric adsorption to go up in the breast, still one is plant is stuck on the breast directly.

Before one kind of breast is stuck, as a result of baric action, will smooth and airtight breast sticks closely adsorption to be in breast, make easily mammary press press, the defect inside occurrence oedema, hoar, tit, allergic even;

Hind a kind of thing that seems glue through one sort is stuck to the breast, use for a long time can appear the side-effect of similar plaster, make the skin scratchy, aglow, even fester, and irritability skin is stuck with such breast, consequence is to be able to be imagined more. Accordingly, breast sticks an appropriate now and then use, cannot replace brassiere to be used for a long time, affect a breast probably otherwise beautiful with health.

Breast sticks the collocation with the dress to having a lot of skill, generally speaking light color dress uses incarnadine breast to stick, beautiful and do not break tasteful; Somes the room that brunet garment chooses is big, shallow yellow, pink, pink is blue, shallow violet OK, and black gauze garment had better choose black breast to stick. If your appearance and long skirt are old beautiful pattern, so imprint the breed that has pattern pattern sticks the use on solicit comments good school. Can adorn the breast of pattern of a pair of rose is stuck inside the skirt with shoulder-straps that a rose sets bud silk, although the dress is a little sheer, the rose of that in full bloom also can give a person the sense of a kind of one integrated mass. Broken beautiful dress can choose the sweet-scented osmanthus breast of tonal quietly elegant to stick, scatter again on light sweet-scented osmanthus perfume, people still thinks you just outing come back!

Because breed sticking is to rely on not to work gooey go up in the body, always be not as comfortable as cotton qualitative underwear so, unfavorable as choose commonly usedly