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How does the choice overspread a cup of color
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1.Colorific is regional

The main function of the bra is the breast that prop up, evolve to have aesthetic sense stage by stage later, the decorations with expressional female curvaceous bosom. Since at that time the modelling of the bra and colour design caused the attention of people. Because bra and relationship of color of skin are very close, of all kinds ethnic group is different, the colour of the bra has terrain distinguishing feature.

France is famous chromatics home Professor JP.Lenclos ever said: In colour design of future, colour is geographical will become one of important theory, the effect that because of the element of district culture place of aesthetic to people field has and importance more and more be known by people place, namely culture gene difference is shown tenaciously come. Person of the Caucasian of “ whole world, the yellow race, black the careful that the colour to the bra is having kind of person to differ is beautiful, even if same ethnic group is right colorific changes in temperature, light and shade, intense, downy wait for change to also have different pursuit. Ms. ” ladies ought to choose a method according to this kind of colour with regional certain control, the colour measure that just can hold good bra so makes him brighter beautiful rise.

2. Colorific cultivation

China is xanthous area, also have in person of the yellow race slant white color of skin and slant black color of skin. The color that chooses a bra depends on above all oneself phyletic color of skin, consider adornment colour of the environment next, notice him cutaneous depth finally. Of course, still have the problem that idea of our country traditional colour affects at the same time. If red is indicative auspicious is auspicious and enthusiastic; Orange is indicative maturity and warmth; Warm yellow is symbolic power, bright with the hope; Green is indicative life and spring; Blue is indicative and quiet with peace; Purple and indicative nobility and mystery; White is indicative chasteness, faithful with horror; Gray is indicative and self-effacing with counteract; Black is indicative gravity and gloomy and cold, etc. These primary traditional color associate, change of the development in making live actually goes by tens of thousands color. And colour of bra comfortable coloring, basically be shallow Dan Mingliang colour and the neutral that contain ash are tonal, if pink, reddish, camellia is red, shallow Mei color, pink is yellow, shallow yellow, medium yellow, bright yellow, pink is green, weak green, medium green, pink blue, water blue, shamrock, pink is violet, Dan Zi, shallow lilac is violet, violet wait. Pure white very as extensive also as this white application, person of the yellow race and slant white person or slant black person can use. Alone wants before brunet, beauty very discreet, once had been used,will perfect, and once use a fault,can produce adverse effect. Show individual character adequately in organic meeting today, a lot of young female just like to come through brunet, beauty project oneself, this notes harmonious problem all the more with respect to need.
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