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Must not make a mistake dimension
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Did you discover, as the constant growth of the age, the skin of bosom does not have flexibility more and more, after giving birth to little baby especially, bosom is drier and drier more flat. But funny is, by the bosom, after alar armpit however stack adipose, just think one, if adipose if growing bosom to go, is that everyone is happy?

Do you know? Overgrown underwear not only what can destroy you is clever graceful figure, still can make your bust smaller and smaller, and the flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married by the bosom is increasing. A pectoral clue that underwear can yield you raises correct choose and buy, and let bosom grow in a proper environment, calculate age a big, also can make you plumper and plumper!

1, above all, must falling from the circumstance of naked already body, draw close the foot and standing straight.

2, measure a bust first (namely protuberant dot) , surround below quantity bosom again; Be in the circle of tape measure level the bust is clingy, arrive by the pine close slowly close; Answer when the quantity the breast gently hold in the palm arrive high normal position (the situation that prevents some breasts prolapse) , begin next surrounding to measure his actual bust and bosom next!

3, attention! ! Waistline is not the place with quantity yourself the finest waist, however the seat that the hipbone upper part of pelvic side controls about one inch.

4, hip circumference is his coxallest and highest place.

5, after the quantity is over, calculate according to next watches calculate.

Dimension of ———————— female underwear contrasts watch ————————
(among them A, b, c delegate overspreads area size)

Italy of United States of bust Cm home is surrounded below the bosom
80 A70 32A 2 of ~ of 68 ~ 72 78
81 ~ 83 B70 32B 2
83 ~ 85 C70 32C 2
85 A75 34A 3 of ~ of 73 ~ 77 83
86 ~ 88 B75 34B 3
88 ~ 90 C75 34C 3
90 A80 36A 4 of ~ of 78 ~ 82 88
91 ~ 93 B80 36B 4
93 ~ 95 C80 36C 4
95 A85 38A 5 of ~ of 83 ~ 87 93
96 ~ 98 B85 38B 5
98 ~ 100 C85 38C 5