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Choose underwear 3 unfavorable
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1, unfavorable wear brunet briefs. Because have the woman of tumour of system of vaginitis, reproduction, what leucorrhoea can change is cloudy, take red, color to fizzle out even, these are the signal of the disease. If inchoate can discover these phenomena and cure of as soon as possible, can get better curative effect. If wear brunet or the briefs with too beautiful design, the leucorrhoea of pathological changes cannot be discovered in time, defer an illness possibly.

2, unfavorable the briefs that wears too closely. Shade road junction of the female, make water road junction, anus leans very nearly, briefs is worn too closely, easily with vulva, anal, make water buccal generation grinds often, make bilge of this one area (it is secretion of anal, vagina more) medium bacteria enters the vagina or urethral, cause the infection of urology or reproductive system.

3, unfavorable the briefs that wears chemical fibber. Although low-cost, but connect fully gender and hygroscopic all poorer, the organization that goes against perineal ministry metabolizes. The secretion of together with leucorrhoea and body of perineal ministry gland volatilizes not easily, cover vulva all the day damp. This kind of warm and damp environment special the growth that is helpful for a bacterium is progenitive, thereby easy the inflammation that causes the vulva or vagina. The place on put together is narrated, the female chooses briefs of white or light color, comfortable pure cotton goods in choice briefs what is appropriate to the occasion.

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