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Wuhan underwear company tries do autumn outfit
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From Hubei province Wuhan city understands, this city a lot ofUnderwearThe company changes to be not done before transfer the practice of the dress, roll out autumn in successionUnderwear. ” of hot by day, cold in the evening “ rawish weather, begin to become WuhanUnderwearThe chance of clothing company transition.

Emperor of love of famous underwear brand rolls out underwear the category first this year from thin model, thick model, instead Chu Qiu, deep autumn, Chu Dong, deep winter 4 kinds, this is afterwards before after before long the Wuhan clothing company such as a favourite by sb in power, Qiaomoni reduces winter dress to increase age to install in succession, the road of the new student money that Wuhan underwear enterprise seeks subsequently.

All along of Wuhan underwear enterprise does not like to do age outfit, because age holds unit price not as good as winter dress is expensive, in addition the weather winter Xia Chang of Wuhan, history is short, new fund does not appear on the market to have to leave town to a month. But Wuhan love emperor is advanced Wang Zhi of chief inspector of sale of dress limited company thinks, warm now winter is commonner and commonner, time of the city below winter dress also is accelerated gradually, rawish weather instead has ” of “ Qian Jing more and more.

Wang Zhi expresses, do year season to transferUnderwearStill have a reason: Bazaar is right before brand outstanding achievement with year calculate for the unit, now is every season should be ranked, to maintain market this main sale terminal, the enterprise must catch feel well to cross weather this business chance