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Olympic Games of have the aid of realizes brand dream
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Economy of all previous Olympic Games thering is no lack of is mythological, make originally small company shakes body change is international well-known trademark, order flies of course from world each district.

Have economist deep feeling, the Olympic Games can change a state, a city, or an enterprise.

1984, the main controller You Baisi of los angeles Olympic Games sells a 360 million dollar television relay right, indicate the Olympic Games and the clothing that dress of mascot accredit los angeles manufactures business production to contain an Olympic Games to indicate and mascot, make these produce business to gain profit dollar of close ten million. In those days American data makes clear, imprint the price of culture unlined upper garment that has Olympic Games sign rose than ever 50% .

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, same to spin garment industry contain is worn infinite business chance. The economy that occupies garment industry observes the home is forecasted, come to Beijing travel (16.7, 0.05, the foreigner of 0.30%) is 10 million person-time about / year, if add native tourist, the amount is more huge. The Olympic Games is a global culture brand, if can imprint in dress product,go up the design related the Olympic Games or character, will attract a tourist to buy, this will be crude guess the accrual that this clothing manufacturer forms nearly 1 billion yuan of RMBs.

Of course, can sit the premise that enjoys profit of this a huge sum is, the company must gain the status of Olympic Games sponsor above all, this need pays the assistance that does not poor fee. The enterprise sponsorred Olympic Games charge to be 4 million dollar about 1984; To 1997-2000 year, this one word increased 10 times, 11 assistance become an average expenditure to amount to 40 million dollar; And enter Beijing Olympic Games was in 2008 the 6th period plan, average commitment specified amount had broken through 60 million dollar. Regard series sex sale as the operation at the same time, assistance industry later period popularizes an activity to still need to invest a large number of capital. So high cost is not average company can susceptive.

But the Olympic Games that holds in oneself doorway, greatly small businessman does not want to be full of admiring ground to looking up at become more proficient in one's profession of Olympic Games sponsor only, the means “ that they also want to use their loves ” Olympic Games.

Zhejiang Ya alizarin red group, be located in Hangzhou, but group president Huang Xu deeps and clear to hope Jiang Yaqian make it is national however chain group, make Chinese womanUnderwearfamous brand. Firewood of company Ceng Yibai all ages designs chief inspector masterlily to craft with this desiderate. Character is an enterprise is done do strong base and essence greatly, but competing intense today, successful sale appears likewise important.
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