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Stone lion a list of names posted up on one underwear enterprise
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Yesterday, group of trade association examine and verify announced the first batch to accord with the company that exports standard of aptitude of industry of bilateral monitoring textile to Europe. In the whole nation first 373 “ amount to mark ” enterprise in, stone lionUnderwearThe enterprise ranks among them. And the Fujian clothing company that first “ amounts to mark ” is only 8.
The textile of the Ou Dacheng in the basis is bilateral monitoring agreement, 8 kinds of dry goods that the European Union exported to China 2008 do not set quantitative restriction. But export order normally to safeguard, association of company of investment of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of association of Chinese textile industry, textile, foreign trader made “2008 jointly year export ” of enterprise aptitude standard to textile of the monitoring side Ou Shuang, to T-shirt unlined upper garment, UnderwearThe export business that waits for product of dress of 8 kinds of spin will execute brand-new approve to make, the admittance condition that exports a company at comprising group of examine and verify to be opposite recently undertook the aptitude examine and verify of 6 respects, decided the first batch accords with the company that exports enterprise aptitude standard to textile of the monitoring side Ou Shuang.

Standard of these 6 aptitude includes: Register capital 500 thousand yuan of RMBs contain above; Be engaged in textile export trade 2 years containing above; Lawfully the average taxpayer of pay taxes; Year textile exports 10 thousand dollar to contain above to the European Union on; Abide by People's Republic of China the regulation of relevant law and regulations system, did not violate compasses act 3 years continuously in respect of intellectual property, environmental protection especially; The concerned industry self-discipline that accords with concerned chamber of commerce, association asks to wait.