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The IPO opportunity of the underwear enterprise that underwear company appears o
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UnderwearTwo keys that the company appears on the market hard:

The first, UnderwearThe enterprise is in deal, not be to making a career.

From enterprise of underwear of domestic great majority do poineering work history in light of, many a few years 10, little a trifling number year, it is mostly from trade, make acting one's previous experience, was used to skill to buy the businessmen thinking that sells single-handed, belong to businessman of typical buying and selling.

This also formed the short-term effect of underwear boss deal, pursue long-term business development impossibly, the material that is used to going after materiality or channel, go impossibly throwing the brand that makes enterprise Lai Yidi rise.

After the competition that experiences the each trying to cheat the other on business field, a lot of underwear bosses wish the work with enterprise greatly little interior is done with one's own hands by oneself, in order to put an end to handler ” of any likely “ hands or feet; Underwear boss normally very busy, busy be over oneself one booth thing, help bottom servent brush the buttock even.

Very much financial dealings does not need underwear industry financial, because each account Wu writes down the mind in oneself, ” of relation of support “ all corners of the country gets ready everything, the control of follow a rational line to do some work well is worn everything.

After the boss gain money that also has partial a person of foresight, conceal one's identity, run to go abroad free went, domestic enterprise is at ease give the trusted follower is done, because he fears,some day may suffer legal sanction as a result of the original sin previously, after all such example is too much. Once had Australia of immigrant of an underwear boss, home is returned before long before, company staff finds suddenly the boss changed a lot of, former and coarse inurbane, regardless of trival matters the boss becomes condescending and civilized rise, let employee feel very feel embarrassed, think the boss is by cruel hit.

The quality of underwear boss is restricting the standard of underwear enterprise to grow.

Such enterprise, have a boss only a person is transparent, other opaque, so financial base, run a base, can you appear on the market to just be blamed?

The 2nd, underwear company business is single, dimensions is done not quite.

Underwear is a very professional dress category, technical content is quite high. Of course the price of a less known and inferior brand is very low, because the cost of a less known and inferior brand, workmanship is very simple,be. Have certain brand famous it is very important that its products plan, production runs spent underwear company, represented this company even all core competition ability.

The manufacturing cycle of underwear is long, forecast sale status hard. And measures is very multiple, inventory cycle is long, reserve capacity is high, control the investment with normal company to yield hard.
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