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Do not show the fashionable underwear of the trace
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Essence of life is carried fine taste ” column to be “ only lazy try ” gens to provide the closest experience report, let you need goods of the “ on paper to compare 3 ” only, can carry easily choose favoritely. You still can be informed with sending a letter buy an end, the selection of subject that perhaps issues first phase is you namely exclusive act according to on. The ten Heavenly Stems Sdafsdakfjsdam underwear

The bra is the superexcellent weapon of figure of feminine heavy model, choose the perfect bra that suits oneself to, can make not only Cup upgrades, sex appeal adds cent, can make you smooth add self-confidence more. Warm gradually as weather, acquire for oneself one can match the bra do not have mark of frivolous dress, make the first job of instantly of a lot of people. Although each are big underwear brand whenever Chun Xia plays the card that do not have mark greatly, listen it is OK to go up to want to put on them only it seems that “ beauty does not show trace ” , however is the fact such really? This second 10 when we picked 9 old brands designedly bras that do not have mark have personal experience, check their beauty and the integrated work force that do not have mark in the round.

Pick 8 standard of the bra that do not have mark:

Preliminary homework

Is the design beautiful?

Is cover cup surface flowing without mark?

Whether doesn't aglet have mark?

Cover cup brim whether docile?

Is steel held in the palm comfortable?

Of cover cup include is the gender good?

Is approach bosom result favorable?

Is modelling fruity?

Special clew

To the underwear do not have mark with measures very strict requirement, the feeling of different figure can have different, the key is the measures that should choose to suit his and cover cup, the same cover of different brand can have difference on cup model detail, accordingly, our experience report offers reference only.