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Guangdong harmonious grand makes the clothing limited company
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Guangdong harmonious grand makes the clothing limited company is products plan, production makes a part, market sale is an organic whole specialization dress business. Founded Yu Suyou “ 1986 the area austral the tide of Shan head city of good name of ” of city of 7 colour spin two flower towns. Through growing course of more than 10 years, already enjoyed the reputation that comparative in market of domestic and international costume, the favour that gains broad customer and approbate.      

The company has an area to amount to the garden of garden type industry of 20 thousand square metre now. Employee more than 1000, among them administrator more than 200, professional technology personnel more than 150. Technical force is abundant, introduce the equipment of high-tech production line with the advanced country such as Italy and Japan, invite expert of domestic and international famous design with high salary, comprised the major with distinguished grade to design a group. Come for years, depend on the location with exact oneself, rich design is designed, superior fabrics technology, and perfect market reaction mechanism, in all got domestic and internationally developing steadily quickly.   

The company is consistent with “ character admirable, price the first ” is reasonable, client management tenet, won the widespread recognition of domestic and international numerous client. To get used to the demand of broad consumer, product also incline to seriation, diversification, main product includes: Lv of the T-shirt, recreational outfit, machine, underwear. Among them, the T-shirt new model that rolls out every year amounts to more than 600, the product is popular home each are big city, sell as far as to southeast Asia, Euramerican and other places. As dimensions and actual strength promote increasingly, the company is on the foundation of brand of MULONG” of original “ Mu Long, rolled out YABAOLU” of road of “ elegant treasure and “ polo person MAQIUSHI” two old brands, obtain in domestic and international market quite the development of degree.   

Come for years, the company abides by “ sincerity all the time service, it is in order to pledge this, contend for the business concept that starts brand ” , hold to the drive that takes with act vigorously of deal with concrete matters relating to work, active brand develops the strategy, perfect sale mode ceaselessly, maintain brand vigor to be basic guiding principle, genuine welcome and domestic and international broad travelling merchant keep abreast of hand in hand, achieve in all more brilliant and bright tomorrow!