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Dress agent learns with " sales promotion " management brand
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The brand is done inside a year how many times sales promotion ability increases brand value, it is with respect to —— of image of brand having damage how many times more than in agential heart clearer and clearer.

How does “ accomplish sales promotion already the development direction that thorough popular feeling can realize sale ” again is agential effort all the time. But long-term since, activity of dress agent sales promotion is not devoid new idea, if disappear,consumer is inspected, resonant flatly, it is diving of price Qi Qi, consumer not only not acknowledge the superiority or seniority of, brand image instead suffer a disastrous decline.

But in be being investigated to questionnaire of agential sales promotion in CHIC2008, the reporter had new discovery, do not know when, the agent already produced a change stealthily to the understanding of sales promotion, and this is planted change is affecting trade of whole dress representative.

Gift and a new force suddenly rises of thematic sales promotion

In this second investigation, the reporter feels apparently, the agent is not pure already to the understanding of sales promotion nowadays the level that keeps at “ to raise ” of sale outstanding achievement and ” of “ processing inventory, however progressively and fore-and-aft development, search backside of ” of “ sales promotion to have the market of value more hard. Run the agent of international big shop sign and brand of a gleam of especially, this kind of change is more apparent.

The sales promotion experience with long-term “ tells us, below new market environment, sales promotion already was simple not just dozen fold with depreciate, it is however over this foundation, with the powerful weapon that consumer has deepness is communicated. Guo Yan of agent of Beijing of brand of ” some Japan says.

We must admit, in current market environment, the sales promotion information of the brand blots out the sky and cover up the earth, but what can let consumer engrave and be convinced truly is god-given however see, this affected brand position and brand value badly already. A senior sale expert says: The outlet of “ sales promotion is not right current sales promotion undertakes pattern is renovated, must solve the understanding problem to sales promotion however, sales promotion is the tool that promotes sale not just, locate the administrative levels of sales promotion too lowly so, have no way out. Sales promotion is not the devil that hurts a brand, rather, if sales promotion is run well, establish the consumer attention to the brand and understanding more easily, it is the tool of very good stimulative brand loyalty.

What this kind of change behaves in this second investigation is very apparent, from “ sales promotion and brand propaganda ” had been done a few times in all inside a year, basically adopt ” of which kinds of form with activity of “ product sales promotion minute of specification can be filled in this 2 o'clock.
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