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Guangdong Shan head is rising dress limited company
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Wide the Eastern Jin dynasty promotes dress limited company, found 2000, ceng Chenggong is home, outside …… of supplier of the OEM of well-known trademark, ODM Our company pass old indefatigable effort, already was design of a professional market, production and sale now the underwear substance enterprise that is an organic whole, have workshop area now18000More than square metre, employee387Person, introduce advanced manufacturing facilities and professional, content fluid fastens unobstructed, administrative system is sound, more the client brings high grade service quality. Our company are strict according toISO9001, ISO2000Attestation of system of international quality management andGBStandard standard is produced. Its product is judged to be the honorary title such as ” of product of environmental protection of outstanding green of China of ” of product of actor of “ China name, “ , “ Beiernifen ” is judged to be ” of “ China well-known trademark, “ Guangdong omits name of famous label ” . Sell a network to the whole nation big in urban radiate, the product favors by broad consumer. Acknowledgment comes for years each district is outstanding of the representative join in collaboration and support, the expectation of rising person sincerity is worn can act on with global friend solid be begging is, the principle of mutual benefit of fair justice, mutually beneficial undertakes cooperative, good faith invites those who ask you to join …… people in the same condition help each other, what start underwear line of business in all hand in hand is brilliant! Send word rising —— promotes to a high office is an enterprise, it is a career more!