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Beauty of Shan head city (underwear) industrial limited company
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Beauty of Shan head city (underwear) industrial limited company held water on April 8, 2003, old inn presses down —— of famous city of garment of the home in be located in, it is a collect products plan, production, sale, service produces a business at the professional underwear of an organic whole. Own modern standard factory building 1000 much square metre, first-class staff 500 much people, our company consult strictly system of standard of ISO9001 international quality has production and government, product quality, norms accords with national occupation standard.   

Beauty faculty passes the indefatigable effort that comes for years, make a ” of “ angel beauty successfully famous underwear brand, by its outstanding style design and product quality, gain the extensive favour of agency and consumer, sale network spreads all over more than 30 province city of countrywide.