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Limited company of trade of swallow of Guangzhou sharp edge
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2003, limited company of dress of swallow of head sharp edge of limited company of dress of swallow of French sharp edge and Shan is joint-stock establish limited company of trade of swallow of Guangzhou sharp edge, in underwear of brand of FENGYAN of chinese mainland distribute. FENGYAN underwear brand, finished product uses foreign high grade fabrics, design by senior stylist of France, Hong Kong, domestic famous stylist is digested absorb, make the product suits figure characteristic of the Chinese. Product class is whole, series is much, design is novel, unique, cooperate feedback of sudden market information, delivery is quick and accurate, the customer that specializationed service invites us more be at ease!

Limited company of trade of dress of swallow of French sharp edge sets FENGYAN brand to produce 10 thousand easy of treatment base —— in China elegant industrial limited company, be located in Guangdong to visit Shan head town, workshop area 20 thousand much square metre, employee more than 800, have the manufacturing facilities with the most advanced country such as the United States, Japan, Italy many 600, do not have among them seam manufacturing facilities to use at present the most advanced Italy SANTONI reachs knitting frame of SANGIACOMO whole computer, whole computer of advanced Japan, Italy spells computer of skirt garment car, FLAIN Ox computer of automatic coloring machine, FECNOPEA finalizes the design automatically machine.

The company uses advanced EFT management system, the product uses Mudaier (MODAL) He Dubang (LYCRA) fiber material, product quality, character reachs international level, pass attestation of ISO-9001 quality system.