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Guangdong ties industrial limited company newly
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“ Guangdong fastened ” of industrial limited company newly to be born. After those who be in nearly 20 years is cultivated, “ fastens ” newly from at the outset the coolie factory with anonymous precarious and grow for the well-known contemporary company inside course of study, its rise abruptly your whole industry does it hearten. In 20 years of hardships and joy, “ fastened ” newly to witness the development of underwear industry, dress and culture, vogue and passion, study and innovation, had expressional carrier from now on, the space that fly upwards. It is ethical company 20 years of in the past 20 years when explore development, also be home market 20 most complex and changeful years, arrive from planned economy market economy, from the product competition competes to channel, compete to consumer again, how many industry is on the move in the ups and downs in the big onrush of the times. Wrestle of the slow when “ fastens ” hour listen respectfully newly to wear, after prancing channel competition is formed, course of sale of company decisive reform, make domestic underwear market earlier from big current turn the enterprise that is brand operation, promote an enterprise effectively figure and brand image, share of market of quick race to control; At the beginning of when the product competition comes, the company undertakes innovation of technical research, craft and design innovate energetically, ceaseless batch introduces advanced entrance device, promote tailor technology, win laudatory title of ” of expert of “ underwear technology; Roll out your industry to regard as one after another classical, and the printing spelling color of follow the lead of and cylinder are packed, “ fastened ” newly to win esteem and recognition with his effort again; In clue of the dew at the beginning of consumer competition when, “ fastens ” newly to start brand vision to identify a project, go nearlier to follow customer, “ fastens ” great kindness newly to invite Taiwan movie and TV to star gentleman of Wu Ji grand takes up the post of “ new spokesman of image of brand of 1 department ” , from this “ fastens ” newly more consumer is accepted, introduced to the brand higher level. Guangzhou of ingoing of company sale headquarters, need sue for peace to held vogue to lay solid foundation for better research. Nowadays, “ Guangdong fastens ” of industrial limited company newly to already became the company that holds the balance in domestic underwear industry, company volume design, production, sale is popularized at an organic whole, product line covers underwear, briefs, campaign sportswear of recreational, household is acted the role of, the factory building that owns nearly 40 thousand square metre and many product line with advanced international and numerous major examine, detect equipment. The company holds to strategy and technology to pay equal attention to push sale work, through ERP management platform and expert advisory group outputs scientific solution, brand group is accredited in region market, executive brand runs strategy and strategy of terminal get the upper hand of, drive brand construction and competition ability of promotion terminal sale; Distribute network pervades the whole nation each are big, medium city, the product sells as far as to country and the area such as Euramerican, middle east, southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, won the reliance of domestic and international broad client and support.
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