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Much Er of Shan head city loves filar underwear Inc.
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Brand of underwear of ” of silk of love of “ much Er reposes at Guangdong of —— of Chinese underwear famous city to visit the area austral tide of Shan head city old inn town, my factory is development of a market, design, production, sale the modernization at an organic whole civilian battalion enterprise. Devote oneself to to create female “ comfortable, healthy, curvaceous ” , will a few years develop innovation ceaselessly, the business of modern professional underwear that already expanded to implement scale quite now. The employee team that the company has high design personnel and high quality is “ limited company of underwear of ” of silk of much Er love is ceaseless enterprising, deal with concrete matters relating to work innovates, seek outstanding safeguard. The company pursues “ quality the first, credit the business purpose of the first ” , with “ solidarity, enterprising, develop, the spirit of enterprise of innovation ” , establish “ to be the management concept of this ” with the person, it is forerunner with science and technology, take science and technology and the way that market demand bearing ties, the professional technology qualified personnel with abundant economic actual strength, favorable external environment and form a complete set walks along dimensions to change development way. Brand of underwear of ” of silk of love of “ much Er will invite sincerely a representative inside countrywide limits, join in, monopolistic interlink manage, wish to seek progress in all with all circles colleague, share infinite business chance. Business of order for goods of domestic and international OEM carries on in the meantime. ” of silk of love of “ much Er welcomes your incoming telegram to case wholeheartedly negotiate, achieve us to did not come in all hand in hand!