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Jin Nu blocks underwear industrial limited company
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Industrial limited company is located in underwear of golden slave card of Chinese glamour head of Shan of special economic zone, since the company established 1990 oneself, be led with one's own hands in what letter of general manager Cai sends and old development is passed below the joint efforts of faculty, already developed now make development of a market, production, sale, storage the integrated and large company at an organic whole. The modern factory building that the company owns 2 0000 much square metre now and the nearly 10000 modern worker dormitories of smooth rice. Its product concentration is domestic and international high grade fabrics, energy industry spy, affection of the bodily form feature that products plan combines Oriental female and Europe of aesthetic concept be in harmony, land wind at an organic whole, get of broad consumer love become reconciled to judge. Act on “ solidarity innovation, the management tenet of ” of assiduous deal with concrete matters relating to work, with distinctive design color, advanced management concept, normative administrative system, modelled “ Jin Nu successfully to block ” brand and market image. In more than 10 years of in the past, “ Jin Nu blocks ” to already won good public praise in underwear bound, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, ” of card of “ gold slave will is with market demand oriented, it is a foundation with comfortable environmental protection, run with efficient production, pay government, innovate again; Insist to be with the person at the same time this, with when all is entered, tectonic and good harmonious Jin Nu gets stuck. Brand image reachs brand culture: Business purpose: Quality is the life company goal of the enterprise: Establish Chinese top-ranking company, make spirit of enterprise of world famous brand: Solidarity innovates, assiduous deal with concrete matters relating to work manages a concept: It is with the person this, build harmonious Jin Nu to block brand style to locate: Sincere letter, glamour, classical, individual character. Product style locates: Fashionable, decorous, beautiful beautiful, comfortable. Advertisement appeals to beg language: The source ego of glamour is shown.