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Limited company of Guangzhou city curvaceous underwear
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Company name: Guangzhou city is curvaceous underwear limited company

Contact: Province of of Yan Yong army: Guangdong city: Guangzhou zip code: Connect a telephone call: Fax of 020-38765989: Address of 020-38765929: Area of the Milky way H ridgepole runs divisions of 5 battalion of Shan Dafeng road product: House of home of male? briefs is takenManagement means: Put Management product:The proprietor of an enterprise hits product price: 2Discount of reference of terminal of 5: 46

Curvaceous company is founded 1995, it is collect design, production, sale, service the large underwear enterprise at an organic whole. At present the company owns factory building of 10000 much square metre, introduce advanced production to manage facility, professional production bra, briefs, bedgown, household is taken, the underwear of male and female such as model body underwear, heat preservation underwear, appeal underwear, swimsuit. The fabrics with the design that with its human nature changes, masterly craft, high grade product and cozy feeling gained the favour of domestic and international broad consumer. Underwear of ” of heart of “ city woman interlinks an orgnaization to use advanced administrative pattern, guide system of BI, VI, SI, MI, carry out unified figure, uniform price, unified service, centralized management, unified the “ that deserves to send means of operation of 5 unified ” , make underwear one-stop shop easily environment, go for consumer belt more joy, more is comfortable, enjoy more value. Interlink the rapid development of inn as underwear of ” of heart of “ city woman, “ is with the person this, create value, the management concept of redound society ” also transmitted countrywide each district. The consumption of ” of “ beauty good humor experiences more numerous friend looked for self-confidence, found attributive. “ course of study needs a deep ” greatly, we expect more friends come over to sit sit, a little, accomplish good future together.