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"The brim " the appeal in appeal underwear
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The appeal in underwear of appeal of “ brim ” regards people body as the one part of detail, the appeal underwear that has substantial interest sex enters the field of vision of people gradually, the element is constituted indispensably in making fun of numerous male female life. Call underwear of appeal of “ brim ” this kind of underwear; Actually, a bit additional also kind meaning; Of course, appeal is among them crucial. Rush about in people in the leisure of work hard, if can be in,him home reveals the body detail that does not know for alien place exaggeratively one time before medium, sweetheart, can add the pleasure between the couple not only, can consolidate more each other love. Perhaps, “ holds your hand, grow old with you such ” marriage is perfect, the detail that because these humanness place are ignored easily,meets accidentally and arrived at.

The appeal in underwear of appeal of “ brim ”

The appeal of the life, often show from the leave uncovered in detail. Dream of · of Ma Li Lian shows a little movement, fashionable whole world, the life that its germ depends on people is too drab. Because affectation is depressive,had the grow upping of overmuch life experience, so that need such “ exciting ” in a way is slow one.

Underwear of female outfit appeal

Classic abdomen wraps up appeal underwear

gules brocade fabrics, heart form modelling; Abdomen wraps up the brim lacy adornment with make it of multicoloured gold line, vogue is luxuriant; The bright and beautiful scale of paddle, phoenix that flies in the cloud, form a cluster all round the flower of bunch, classic and showily; Chalaza is vivid knot design, can adjust freely degree of tightness; The bottom pants of same fabrics and design and color, t form design. Classic abdomen wraps up this “ that is shown before everybody underwear ” , with its individual classic lasting appeal, send out the simple sense of breath of mature female body, the person that let owner and appreciation returned great Tang Chao together.

Underwear of hollow out appeal

Hollow-out appeal underwear gives a person with Shu Shuang, cool and refreshing feeling. If match with beautiful beautiful, bright-coloured colour, its intense vision wallop, the alluring sex that adds female body greatly. This year April, on the fashionable dress week that holds in Bulgaria capital Sofia, place of a Bulgaria model reveals an appeal underwear that by Bulgaria stylist Manqiaoluofu designs, because this kind of hollow out enhances the design color of colour,also cause everybody an exclaim.

Side spells mesh water to get briefs

Tall bounce fabrics, inclined side of net gauze and filar feeling fabrics is set go all out, a side is bounce net gauze, a side is fabrics of bounce silk feeling, an aglimmer water is enchased to get a flower to make decoration above; Trigonometry design, the margin accepts with fine bounce belt all around. This briefs, look to resemble a sky: Half cloud weak wind is tall, half great cloud is densely covered. A kind of what kind of temptation is this?
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