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Appeal underwear little secret
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The definition of ” of underwear of alleged “ appeal because of the person different, somebody favores the simple Li of athletic vigor to fall, somebody the romantic design of silk of empty bud of fondness for detailed, wear outside the underwear that if concealed is like,shows also somebody applauses applaud. The cleverest is, by the manufacturer people the underwear that includes “ appeal ” the definition is, popular idea is another. After all appeal underwear is to should make false appearance, fetching daydream, stimulative sexual desire, still increase effort?

Difference of acknowledge of male and female is big

Between this men and women to appeal underwear action, the otherness forgive rich gout on acknowledge. According to sampling the answer in questionnaire discovers, prep above the female of 30% thinks the function of appeal underwear depends on: Make oneself happy. This sees female self-awareness tall Zhang You one spot, “ the female oneself that it is Yue person look ” this word is afraid so that want to adapt one time; Stand in male viewpoint nevertheless, they still think appeal underwear aims to promote the life interest.

The schoolgirl loves to wear cotton, the schoolboy also supports

In investigation, 20 years old of underwear support that pledge to cotton to 30 years old of females between are spent special tall, basically be comfortable simple sense and relaxed visual get victory, surprising is, look from questionnaire data, often be thought to belong to “ sense organ by everybody excitant animal”male people, also comparative it seems that agree with this view, the scale that likes other in part to put on bud silk and pure cotton underwear appears to be compared one; It is the woman that spent 30 years old, quite love to pledge with bud silk or silk underwear, the lifestyle that serves as him please.

What does she wear Dou Nengchun heart ripples

Communicate in questionnaire give another surprising message: The person of great majority won't use appeal underwear (the underwear that what point to here is fine gauze Bao Yi is phyletic) the tool that regards promotion as life interest, can make its in order to joke instead, or it is the “ gift ” that regards souvenir as anniversary!

To oneself underwear does not have the man of feeling

Be asked to put on the male of appeal underwear, went up less compared with the female multiple, on one hand major male relatively the immanent beauty that does not care about oneself, buy an opportunity to be in the majority by the wife; Right now, wife of proposal of regular meeting of shop young lady people try to buy different fund for the husband with all possible means model briefs, because he perhaps can say to you one day: “I did not cross this kind of briefs Ye, really comfortable! ”“How is that told before you? ”Be right! Major male is to the concept of own underwear so without feeling.
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