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Wear appeal underwear to make love not funny bed
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Appeal underwear is to be a magic weapon that moves become enamoured desire by fixed position in work of movie and TV. But if you see those who cross this kind of film film titbits is met,understand, every arrive at that time, number of actor laugh field is maximum. In actual life, when cat of dress of the other side female tight appeal underwear appears before you, the laugh that calculates your bottom of the heart almost shake broken the five internal organs 6? , also had better stretch tight as far as possible first, give her a few praises.
A lot of appeal underwear on market used dissoluble balmy amine dye. After this kind of dye and human body skin are contacted, meeting and the composition happening that human body releases in metabolization process react, form the material that endangers skin health, resemble small handsome especially the constitution of this kind of easy allergy, can cause allergic reaction. If be the patient of irritability asthma, can cause the show effect with aggravating and asthmatic illness, cure can endanger life not in time. Additional, if excitant odour exists on this kind of underwear, show formaldehyde exceeds bid, long-term contact has the risk that causes blood disease and malignant tumor. What do to pursue sex appeal is too narrow the blood that ” of small “ t-shaped pants goes against female vulva circulates, through relapsing attrition causes female genital infection easily also. From healthy angle character, choice appeal underwear should avoid afore-mentioned flaw. The female of allergic constitution should avoid to use appeal underwear as far as possible, and should choose permeability the good, cotton that does not have stimulation to the skin pledges or real silk underwear.
In addition, there also is underwear of appeal of so called man on market, often be opposite through tall bounce fiber of private parts stretch tight closely action, produce the concussion result on the vision to the female, stimulate the man's sexual desire through oppress strongly and chafing. But this kind to genital stretch tight closely blood of effect impact spermary is supplied, make the temperature inside scrotum elevatory, can injure the raw energy function of spermary, undeserved advocate.