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Underwear of sex appeal of COOL times Ke Ruina
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Climbed the air temperature that raise to had informed the arrival of our summer successively, broiling and intolerable, streaming with sweat is the issue that the summer makes fashionable woman have a headache most. The ministry of product research and development of Ke Ruina company can solve the method of this one difficult problem in hunting of ground of diligent in an attempt to all the time for years. Recently, supplier of some famous spin fabrics reachs the ministry of research and development that I manage and Taiwan initial purpose, be about to roll out a kind of comfortable fabrics that can drop human body temperature namely in the instant hand in hand, what apply this fabrics at me to manage directly is new one season product.
When skin bring into contact with this is planted when new-style fabrics, can let you as if for an instant in place oneself Yu Senlin, experience blast blast cool and refreshing with comfortable. This is a kind OK and permanent and the product that releases cold element ceaselessly! ! It is after using natural mineral pulverize, add in nylon, cotton or inside PET. This kind of mineral itself is to be able to release a kind of cold element, will achieve icy result with this! Its main function is skin in the contact from time to tome 1 ~ 2 degrees cool feeling, sunshine can achieve 5 ~ 30 minutes 6 degrees difference in temperature! At the same time its fiber makes the effect that so it also has moisture absorption to discharge sweat with crossed section entirely! A little mineral itself is to have take those who fight ultraviolet ray, so it also had the effect that fight UV! Release moreover, when cold element and air so medium water element arises a kind of small massage wave can generate when resonance. Can at any time and place undertake massage for you!
More significant is, this kind of new-style fabrics is able to bear or endure wash free from contamination, already energy-saving environmental protection, atmosphere is polluted in industrial activity high speed of the mankind, ceaseless refresh records earthly surface temperature today, the research and development of this kind of new product can raise environmental protection consciousness of everybody more undoubtedly, fulfil the catchword that protects earthly mother actual in the center come.
What what Ke Ruina brings you is an underwear not just, it is the arrival of times of a COOL more.