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The lady appeal underwear that constellation man likes
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Current, go in each big bazaar, various underwear brand shop fills a sweat ox, all sorts of underwear advertisement also let people dazzled by a riot of color. In this fresh and tender summer, serve an underwear that do sth unconventional or unorthodox for cummer, let what this gift surmounts you be in love with, lead movement of a sex for you.
Violet small bit
Male of violet small bit always appears so lucid, massiness. Compare the sort of already can the underwear of see through, they more if,the beautiful woman in in sight memory can be put on bright if press, the position that hide again however and does not show. Back line is flowing and beautiful, lily-white colour and lustre, more can set off female is blown can play broken skin and appearance of lithe and graceful body. Beautiful woman honor takes a person, of course more show youthful. To it coexist, violet small man also is met of course more self-confident full.
Nature's mystery star
The male of nature's mystery star always can have a large number of new originality, peculiar way. Favore personal lover to be able to be worn of course a few before low margin is high, sex appeal appears, the low bosom V underwear that overspreads a cup of layout. Match the colour and lustre with red get angry, line of red white look, bai Li is fully red, of course more show glamour dye-in-the-wood. Finger is simple had delimited her girth, instantly of her affectionate fund fund is rising for love thick.
Sun star
The end of sun star male square directly, they more show appreciation for sb is right can dress absurd is a few. 3 delicate silks and satins are lacy, lingering and become bowknot underwear position. Deserve to go up of big bare color tonal, red silk flutters, can supervise and urge more the freely of sun star male is enthusiastic. The heartbeat is quickened, stimulate raise to be willing shallow lean beside her. Slowly unlock bowknot, it is unexpectedly nocturnal the awaken of spring ripples.
Wu Quxing
Resolute fruit definitely Wu Quxing male, always be the preference takes dominant place. To the dress of female underwear, they more look forward to a lover to be able to wear t-shaped model, bottom is hollow-out underwear layout. White webbing, deserve to go up black bottom opens crotch. Black and white double kill, the man of fierce music star that allows self-improvement slowly one face about, another delicate begin.
Tian Tongxing
The day is the same as male content with one's lot of the star, but also very fastidious surviving joy of life, they more in sight lover is having especially the characteristic is reflected. Prothorax buckles a cover, perpendicular linear, still gold-rimmed embroider is worn the characteristic design that is like flower of exposed to the sun, just with female body 3.11 photograph is corresponding. Plus the colour of grass green, clear fresh and tender bright. The man that allows Tian Tongxing is in careless color come to, hopeful blossom in the hug.
Lian Zhenxing
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