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Underwear bound parvenu leads tide to suffer chase after hold in both hands
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Fashionable tide leads the ceaseless development of region in underwear, the sort of female underwear and design also are in ceaseless and rich. Accompany globalization tide, the close-fitting demand of Chinese woman is overall arousal, underwear is in vogue to change, the vision is changed, in the change of diversity. UnderwearIt is the cloth of my body of cover up a scandal only no longer, show glamour, enchanting, sexy sharp weapon however. Woman dress from outside arrive inside when forming a trend that cannot reverse, consumption of female underwear, interior trim also entered high speed to grow accordingly period. Summertime drawing near, the demand peak period of underwear is coming also, in storm of this underwear sale, inland arrives first became a female in order to lead the Kalundiya with fashionable underwear celebrated tide brand underwear dress to chase after the window that hold in both hands.

Current, chinese city female sends the character that pays attention to underwear more, the brand of more and more exquisite underwear. The underwear in their almirah already was the basic variety that handles daily life no longer, all sorts of in season, should affection, should the underwear of season is in imperceptible in the significant consumption target that becomes city woman. Diversification and individuation become the slogan of new century underwear. Since since appearing on the market, kalundiya designs a concept with the innovation of group of Hong Kong famous design, originality, made the dress inside brand-new “ act the role of regnal ” for domestic woman! Lead —— of domestic woman underwear the fashionable tide of this one not saturated market frequently. The Summer Solstice did not come, kalundiya with a bang has appeared summer the picture with exuberant business chance. 8 old series, 8 old products, lead tide, navigation vogue, kalundiya got of customer of numerous and broad woman chase after hold in both hands!

China is big country of 1.3 billion population (real possibility amounts to 1.5 billion) , there is 300 million at least in 700 million female is the driving consumer of underwear. Only bust bodice consumes, exceeded 600 million 2005, year sale exceeds 15 billion yuan; 2006 more the breakthrough closes 750 million times greatly, year sale is close to 20 billion yuan. Female average per capita bought new underwear 2004 2.2 above. Female average per capita bought new underwear 2005 3.3 above. Female average per capita bought new underwear 2006 more achieve 4 times above. Occupy data of new first phase additionally to announce, 2007 first half of the year, consumption of underwear of average per capita of our country female has exceeded 3.2, annual hopeful breaks through 6. From at present the report of domestic consumer looks, block what Lun Diya got outback customer already completely to approbate! This comes from Hong Kong, day Han, Euramerican of the summit summit that waits for literary work of numerous and famous stylist make, with comfortable fabrics, eligible material is qualitative, masterly charge for the making of sth. , decorous design and ideal design, be united in wedlock without the value that does not reflect modern art and actual application. Be permeated with artistic breath design and in pairs of charge for the making of sth. to surmount a state all over, its temperament, character is inherent and natural and sterling, top-ranking. Analyse the mystery of underwear aesthetic evolution through profundity, kalundiya's audacious design style emerges the design that use, with the most accurate popular trend, judge the trend that the industry grows.
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