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Appeal underwear composition
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When buying appeal underwear, a lot of people can have a look the bases of the dress. Nevertheless, very few somebody has a comprehensive knowledge to the character of these textile composition. Underwear of a few kinds of appeal introduces below in the commonnest the part that reach explains.

Cotton: Warmth retention property is good; Suck sweat; Soft and comfortable, easy to a few skins sensitive crowd is very equal. Defect is easy catharsis shrink.

Polyamide fibber: Have very high intensity and wearability, but as a result of its hygroscopicity is between 3.5%-5% , comfortable sex shows inadequacy a bit.

Ammoniac black silk ribbon: Use alone not simply commonly, however a few ground mix into enter fabric in. This kind of fiber has balata function to have fibrous property again already, be used to extensively make stretch basketwork.

Fine black silk ribbon: It is the trade name that polypropylene fine fiber is in our country. Its flexibility is better, be next to polyester fibber, make an appointment with 2 times higher than polyamide fibber. It is better to have protect form sex. The finished products of fine black silk ribbon is fleeciness quality warmth retention property is good, good, feel softness, have good weatherability and mouldproof, insect resistance can.

Stick fine: Stick fine contain wet rate most accord with requirement of physiology of human body cutaneous, have smooth and cool, breathe freely, fight electrostatic, coloring flowery wait for character. Stick fine to have the essence of cotton, filar character, it is pure zoology fiber, result from natural and excel is natural.

Polyester fibber: It is the trade name that polyester fiber is in our country. Polyester fibber flexibility is good, dimension is stable, plait Jian is abiding, yi Xi is wash-and-wear, not easy cockle, not mildew not eat by moth. Defect is coefficient of friction large easy generation is electrostatic, fabric sticks dirt easily and smudgy.