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Of underwear of real silk appeal differentiate
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Underwear of real silk appeal differentiates:
1, law of feel range estimation: True silk has the burnish of pearl, burnish is downy. Silk feel is soft, slippery bright of skin of press close to is comfortable.
2, combustion law: Silk burns feather flavour from time to tome in combustion, hard afterflame, meeting from extinguish. Cindery and brittle, fragile, fleeciness, black.

Catharsis of underwear of real silk appeal:
1, underwear of brunet real silk appeal should be washed with the departure of light color;
2, the underwear of real silk appeal with wet sweat should immediately catharsis or bubble of the leach that use Qing Dynasty, avoid by all means uses the hot water catharsis of 30 degrees of above;
3, catharsis uses special catharsis things please, avoid uses alkalescent scour, soap, washing powder or other eradicator, ten million cannot use disappear venom;
4, need to use clear water full a few times, handle gently light knead is used when catharsis, not usable force is pigheaded after washing wring, lest underwear is corrugate,be out of shape. To hold real silk colour and lustre greatly bright-coloured, soft, on a few white vinegar can be added when full of final clear water;

Underwear of real silk appeal answer white:
It is the bubble of underwear of real silk appeal that becomes yellow in the clean water that clean out rice, change water everyday, yellow of 3 Queen of heaven but fade is dropped. If have maize sweat floodwater on low-lying land, can use scour off of wax gourd juice.

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