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Underwear of vogue of much Si Jiankang of Er of another name for Hubei province
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Er of Shanghai another name for Hubei province is much thisUnderwearLimited company is by E Er the group accuses Duosiji directly of an investment, collect products plan development, production, sale the well-known company at an organic whole. Its basically manage category to have cashmere of male and female, abb delicate and high-grade underwear and socks are tasted. It is in China's most valuable brand evaluation, “ E Er is much this ” rises 7.029 billion yuan of 2006 from 4.367 billion yuan of violent wind 2003, house cashmere makes category approve a reachs dress brand front row of the brand. E Er is much this the brand value that grow day and day, famous degree, beautiful praise spend He Zhongcheng attract ceaselessly come from agent of countrywide each district to come round to negotiate business, in the time that does not arrive 3 years, the company sells a network to enclothe the whole nation to visit town greatly each, the product will appear on the market with its handpick raw material, masterly craft, elegant pack, the market effect that service of outfit of high-quality goods inn, good faith and elaborate government won sensation. The company will hold to E Er much this —— of consistent spirit of enterprise collect wisdom, act boldly and with confidence, cultivate virgin soil, innovation, devote oneself to broad and concessionary distributor one case, e Er the garment makes Duosinei be “ China delicateUnderwear” of the first brand.