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Ba Ba osmund Ni - home of brand of French vogue underwear enrols chamber of comm
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BARBAR VENY of Ba Ba osmund Ni. By stylist of French fashionable dress the person such as J.DP and British stylist D.OM founded 1973 at France, for the Inc. that the home is combined by famous stylist and becomes, produce the ground formerly: France and England.

The product basically sells toward: France, United States, England and Europe. The company entered Chinese market 2004, ” of limited company of dress of osmund Ni of Ba of Ba of Zhengzhou of “ of Chinese headquarters address was established in Henan Zhengzhou 2007, begin the retail professional work that is in chinese mainland area formally, face the whole nation to undertake enrolling business.

Manufacturing base was built in Guangdong, Shenzhen early or late since the company enters home market, plant area covers an area of a face to accumulate 17900 square metre, product line worker 800 more than person, lunar output amounts to 1.08 million, the product eliminates a sale outside Chinese market, export above nation at the same time, the product is favorred ceaselessly by broad consumer, of the brand famous degree gradually market of radiation China underwear.

The design philosophy of " of osmund Ni of “ Ba Ba: When? of post Chou  is doffing next jacket, remain beauty, and the …… that is the richest attractive, sex appeal

If the woman is spent, the flower seems a dream, bright-coloured and aromatic, feminine underwear also resembles a flower forever same, be in bud meaning faint or it is to sway bloom, swing gently along with wind, those who tease can placatory heart is tender, doleful.

"Brand of underwear of vogue of international of " —— of Ba Ba osmund Ni, come from French vogue breath.

Feminine underwear and this world is euqally wonderful, feminine story and her underwear is same profusion, if you see the woman like the flower,
You smelled certainly the flower is sweet,
The woman that fly breaks up in the flowers,
Stunning beauty, how not can beautiful?

"—— of osmund Ni of “ Ba Ba gives you green charm!