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Supermarket of underwear of Ni Lai Ya is hot and free join in investment small g
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Ai Meijia international trade (Beijing) limited company is a joint ventures that has experience of old international, inland trade, company capital is abundant (primitive register fund 1 ten million yuan) all ready of condition of scientific research, production, goods news develops, already expanded trade now, the company of the group that cross a state of industrial and full-scale development.

The company founds to devote oneself to healthy life industry all the time oneself, expectation uses a firm active up healthy concept, contemporary high-tech technology builds have the aid of rich more people, the igneous ” that uses company “ star will deliver breath of life of green of a kind of future. So no matter enter which field, the company pays close attention to “ to whether can bring ” of a kind of healthy life to people most!

” of supermarket of underwear of brand of Ya of “ Ni Lai is company and domestic and international the crystallization that affiliation of more than 100 brand underwear firms cooperates. Ni Lai Ya is used multivariate the brand satisfies masses yearning, heavy model 2008 underwear vogue. Ni Lai Ya makes feminine earnest wish for characteristic with model body underwear, focusing 2008 underwear fortune. Ni Lai Ya breaks myth of underwear high price with product of brand of high quality low price, build low more gain is brand-new economic mode, love by investor. Brand of Ni Lai Ya from start period arrive to offer whole journey for a long time to dog to co-worker service, make agency loosens easily gently achieve earnings.

“ sincere person, the path of the day also; Sincere person, the person's path also. ” Ai Meijia relies on He Chaojiang of company abundant actual strength resource of person arteries and veins, in intense market, it is forerunner with health, it is backing with quality, hold to “ honesty sincere letter”consistent collaboration manner wishs with a person with breadth of vision that annals tastes a career at vogue, keep abreast of hand in hand, achieve in all brilliant!