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Ke Ruina underwear: Ignite whole nation of European fashionable underwear to enr
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Be opposite as the female him body more and more care, underwear also begins to show female new position gradually. The underwear of modern already was a clothings not just, it already became a kind of fashion, a kind of glamour, a kind of temptation! The Krina that comes from Europe to design a concept (Ke Ruina) underwear, with its romantic, vogue, sex appeal, high, elegant design style conquered countless consumer.
Collect design, production, the Ke Ruina dress of Shanghai of —— of business of motion of professional dress battalion that the sale is an organic whole limited company, having distinctive art to design style, masterly treatment the craft, management that accumulates science for years and normative market run experience, trust and have deep love for of broad consumer and domestic and international client by!

[Brand paraphrase]
The romance of the setting sun illumes the charm of the dim light of night, the rose of bashfully blossoms sadly. Krina, you are touching the amorous feelings of nocturnal god, sending out the fragrance of hold up person. I cannot resist your temptation, positive-appearing image I am greedy at this wonderful daydream space. Bud silk, silk, damask, velvet, transparent gauze, flix reveals female charm, sex appeal, charming to bestow favor on, showily; The hammer that layer cascade folds bead, the embroider of rich and colorful, adornment exquisite deserves to act the role of, if show,be like concealed appear gauze, elegant and romantic tassel, call person thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind together; Close-fitting clipping, downy design, exquisite and silky quality of a material, lean close intimately like the 2nd your skin. Krina explains modern woman to go after the natural glamour with soft, meticulous, elegant charming, behave the longing that female individual character changes and innovates, show the woman's real ego world.

The female is inherent have dance for sexy soul, sexy heart is jumpy, sexy desire is in concussion blood, it is the gift that God gives a woman and right. Krina designs a style boldly, foil female softness and exquisite curve, we show consideration for romantic idea of the woman and sexy flavour from detail, break from colour depressing, the female enchanting body appearance laps, bud silk or delicate embroider, inviting modelling, those who show a woman is namby-pamby with lovely, verve and sex appeal.

Krina every underwear is a kind of mood, always be in casual a different sense that reveals every time to adorn gently suffer. Beautiful, sex appeal, sweetness is her content language ……

The woman is self-confident and beautiful and changeful, krina—— touchs interior shock.