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Fashionable underwear invites sincerely Xue Nifang join in
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Industrial limited company established Guangdong Xue Nifang 1996, it is underwear of female of design of major of a collect, production, sale, OEM the modern industry at an organic whole. The company uses scientific government, technical force is abundant, the administrative talented person that has a batch of high quality and advanced mechanical equipment.
The underwear fabrics that Europe of concentration of Xue Nifang underwear reachs world popularity by the side of Lei Sihua is made with the transcendental and free from vulgarity design idea, technology that does not provide craftsmanship, the popular notion of Quan interpret vogue, originality is worn the underwear space of vogue of a “ , concise, natural ” .
The design with beautiful, refined confluence of series of Xue Nifang underwear is style and modern body engineering, adipose learn to reach mechanical principle, and the design that several ” add scale of curve of “ of human body of cipher out of age of according to woman, height plan to accord with human body curve to learn, become via trying on improved development for a long time.
Series of Xue Nifang underwear, for you the curve with elaborate perfect carve, below healthy, natural premise, model an attractive figure easily.
Xue Nifang, communicate beautiful natural life.