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Brand of Bess humble case joins in
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The fragrance of flower-de-luce

Be willing to spend Qianwei happily to love a man to be willing to spend money happily more for philogyny
We help you succeed 6 assure greatly
1, exceed actual strength of powerful group company to assure
2, come from French romance the gift that inheritance of —— of high quality underwear loves
3, every months / the development of Ji Xin product
4, put in the ad that has specific aim most
5, Internet advertising puts in
6, do not join in to call you solely, it is to teach you the success joins in (serve attentively, till succeed)

BESTFIG competition advantage
One, brand force: Make Chinese sexy underwear the first brand.
2, brand sex price compares: High quality, in price, excellent sexual value is compared.
3, brand image: Consolidate brand VI figure,
4, join in cooperative advantage: With the brand management of industry dominant position, join in neatly means.
5, the doorsill is low, the risk is very little.
6, brand conduct propaganda: Offer unified throughout the country continuously the advertisement support of media of each big underwear authority.
7, brand management: The company executes market area to guarantee a system, safeguard join in the interest of business.
8, support and service: More seasonable, more reliable support, closer, more active service.
1, the excavation market that assistance joins in business undertakes plan, conduct propaganda, utmost.
2, offer brand image freely to design the effect to pursue, it is certain to give proportional decorate charge to support.
3, offer sales promotion propaganda paterial freely, the sales promotion guidance of monthly, quarter, year and gold holiday and support
4, unified countrywide retail prices runs a system, the support returning a dot of high specified number
5, support of kinds or types of goods of exchange a purchase
6, offer freely groom, all-around directive terminal is managed
7, the market follow-up with long-term controller of region of section of the market, the help promotes a sale outstanding achievement

Join in requirement:

1, the person that Bess humble case joins in must have poineering mind, have brand consciousness, have the eye that develops for a long time;
Share management personally, have certain knowledge to underwear product, have relevant distribute experience;
Have good reputation and business praise, be good at communicating, have cooperative mind.
2, have a brand to manage consciousness, make product of division of management Bess humble give priority to course of study to undertake operating;
3, the capital actual strength that has market movement to do place to need, it is certain to have have circulating fund oneself;
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