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Underwear brand agent 10 old successful law
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Of brand of second line underwear grow history also be an underwear agent actually grow history, the enterprise of underwear of second line brand that is a delegate with saline pace, wet open trademark is to rely on acting mode to expand almost rise. The success that brand of a second line handles in some region market, depend on greatly the agent of this area. The operation is same a brand, different agent runs operational outstanding achievement may be great difference. Nowadays, as the ceaseless development of the market, ceaseless aggravate of competition, also raised taller and taller requirement to the agent, how can you just become a successful underwear agent? Consult please the underwear agent that the author puts forward 10 old successful law.

One, pick pair of brands

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Choice brand looks very simple, it is to have very intimate knowledge however actually.

Selection card is just like marry wife, the family that decided you directly is harmonious, your wife at least must be mixed your have a common goal must have common language. Because you are an agent, the product that you act as agent is your income source, also be the foundation of your career, so you must want Shen Zhi the brand that careful ground chooses to cooperate.

Choose the actual strength that the brand gets him recognize first, manage old brand of course the possibility of benefit is larger, the risk is less also; But the doorsill that old brand manages is compared commonly tall, the discount that offer money is taller, the policy such as goods of exchange a purchase often also is compared slashing, you need to stronger capital actual strength becomes backup force. If your oneself actual strength is insufficient, you also cannot acquire the right of equal dialog with old brand, inferior position may is in in cooperative negotiation.

Choice brand moment should see the actual strength of this brand not only, also must understand the potential of this brand. You must understand the management train of thought of this brand boss, determination that its create a brand, whether does this enterprise have professional sale team to wait. Some companies just also think it is good to make a brand make money, holding the psychology that have a try in the arms to run a brand, without what long-term goal. This kind of jest has gone out inside the industry: Guangdong some brand did advertisement of a few months to want to start a brand in the do sth on a large scale on a few magazines, discover benefit is no good after a few months return former wholesale condition again, sufferred from a batch of agents.

Still have, the body feature of the area customer that you should notice to whether the product characteristic of this brand accords with you and habit of be fond of. The product of a lot of brands is popular in south, there is an advantage with respect to not likely in northward market, difference of northward woman type of build or figure is very big south China.
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