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4 kinds of antitheses accept or reject underwear joins in brand
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UnderwearJoin in the investment potential of inn has how old? It is to join in old brand is good, still join in is essay shop sign good? Opened the operator introduction of underwear brand shop 9 years according to, he has acted as agent early or late 3 well-known trademarks. He thinks, brand underwear is OK 4-5 folds pick up the goods, but because buy a crowd finite, total profit won't exceed 30% . Although essay card profit margin is high, but the price as a result of commodity itself is lower, so, income is particularly not much; Although high-grade brand accrual is much, but the competition that face is big. High-grade now brand more it is in general merchandise bazaar opens straight battalion shop, the brand shop that ordinary individual opens does not compete to spend this kind of shop.

   Brand class decides to invest a doorsill

As we have learned, major brand enterprise joins in to underwear monopolistic did not join in the requirement of golden field, but the bail that asks pay differs 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan. Besides, right first the amount of replenish onr's stock has a regulation, specific amount because storefront size and calm, general principle is to want to bespread goods. High-grade brand asks to enter goods value to be controlled in 100 thousand yuan first commonly, intermediate the brand is controlled in 50 thousand yuan, cheap brand is controlled in 15 thousand yuan.

Differ besides purchase price beyond, the underwear of different class joins in inn is being decorated, the expenditure that the shop hires a respect differs not quite. Ordinary businessman can offer a brand freely to unite the blueprint that storefront designs. As a whole, the class that invests doorsill and underwear brand is corresponding, the investment doorsill lowest of cheap brand.

   4 kinds of contrast accept or reject size brand

Old brand and minor brand actually each has his strong point. Investor can pass contrast of all directions face to decide to accept or reject.

   Comparative one: Old brand enters a doorsill tall. Old brand: First replenish onr's stock is controlled in 100 thousand yuan commonly; Essay card: Enter goods value to be controlled in 15 thousand yuan first.

The connoisseur comments on: Taste the price because of the sheet of old brand taller, and to show brand image, ask to take neat all pattern when replenish onr's stock first commonly, so, be worth outclass essay card into commodity price first. The class that invests doorsill and underwear brand is corresponding, the investment doorsill lowest of essay card, small investor is entered more easily.

  Comparative 2: Essay card can be hit neatly fold. Old brand: The unified discount that the demand provides strictly according to the businessman is hit fold; Essay card: Below the condition that knows home of hold a conference or consultation, the person that join in can decide to hit neatly inside profit space lose a case.
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