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Underwear company transition, mode should innovate (2)
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Transition of brand of sale in domestic market, promotion product is add be worth

Transition of sale in domestic market company, more it is the promotion that has brand image, go carrying high yield to taste additional cost, enhance the competition ability of the enterprise. Did not have last year seam board piece Ou Ye brand is a movement it is the biggest, promote a brand new fixed position from brand strategy, to ask an industry famous sale personage, establish new sale group, create a company at Shanghai, build new factory building, develop new program to new product. Explain this enterprise tries to pass company transition, will promote the additional cost of the product.

Jin Guojun of general manager of Europe Ye brand says underwear trade, show level to not have seam an industry everybody's channel is identical, competition is very intense, so, ou Ye wants the channel with him particular open up, run through be being changed subtly, pull open a distance with other channel, him in an attempt to the channel others of open up cannot duplicate. For this, the company makes a group afresh, have fixed position to products plan afresh. The strategic partner with China song Er is strengthened on product development, product function board design in Japan, the product with functional stronger sex is in Italian company to produce. Him company establishs in Shanghai, center of research and development and sale center are set there, form keen-witted and capable research and development and sale group. And locate the target is consumed afresh group, carry the market research of early days, search to consume a group accurately definitely, the product of the company is design of this one group only after, go satisfying their requirement, opposite for, value of product of the company after locating afresh can promote somewhat, but the design of meeting aggrandizement product and character, promote the image of the brand, let consumer feel content is worth somewhat. Should undertake adjustment on product structure 2008, aggrandizement function product. The company rolled out product of the four seasons 2009, go facing average consumer.

Underwear enterprise and its transition, be inferior to doing make choice only

To company transition, each enterprise is to have different view, some people think transition to the enterprise it is a kind of chance, also some the person thinks company transition can spend a lot of energy, be in business exquisite “ is done ripe the way that does not make those who give birth to ” , so, still do as the project oneself make choice only. Chinese market is very big, want to seek accurate consumption group only, the product of the enterprise can can contented some consumes a group, the enterprise can obtain very large development space. Zhejiang sincere love is do not have in order to produce seam underwear to give priority to, last year, in whole without seam underwear home to sell a state to appear below gliding circumstance, the sales volume of home of sincere love brand still achieved growth, this results from “ of Huang Shuiqing of sincere love general manager does essence of life only the train of thought of ” is concerned.
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