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Man underwear sale 3 old strategy
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Politic one: Travel with right kind

The businessman understood the psychology of consumer, had fixed position to the product, but should make the product is consumer finally what to accept and build a brand famous degree still cannot leave information to transmit link of this one key. Man underwear should open the market, need transmits fluctuation full time in integrated sale.

Above all, the businessman should know how to say, namely what does advertisement say. The businessman should be good at disentombing of every product oneself dramatic, gift the sale view with distinctive product. In the product coessential spend a period, how the key that protruding shows the value of product and brand to score consumer intelligence first is get victory one pace. Current, the advertisement of each businessman appeals to beg all have different. Say what and how saying is the element that information transmits communication success to need a consideration forever.

Besides undertake advertisement conduct propaganda guides consumptive idea to build product brand outside this one channel, use the transmission of terminal sale channel, pull close the distance with male consumer, enhancing its acknowledge to spend also is feasible lift. In the meantime, not allow to ignore the female's impetus, the female is influential to consumptive idea of the male action, the female's self-identity feels the satisfaction that raises the male and be agreed with to feel. Might as well have the aid of aesthetic view of the female, will help man underwear brand win more person energy of life in man underwear market.

Next, the businessman should know to “ whose ” says. The main body consumer of man underwear market has risen to surface, they are ” of contemporary “ new man.

Alleged new man includes two kinds of people, one kind is objective equipment standard can be felt apparently by the public its are the elite element in the male; Another kind is avowed belong to new man or at least avowed the real potential group that has new man, but they are not felt for social community place commonly.

Accordingly, the businessman should shape the product image that accords with feature of new man disposition when advertisement is behaved. While transmission emphasizes function of a product, answer to reflect male oomph from strength, deepness. Current, a lot of enterprises did not realize in numerous male advertisement, male figure empty, continous is soft, lack male temperament, outside and brilliant lack connotation however. Advertising performance strategy and male consumer are right oneself figure and the difference that expectation existence agrees with, the heart that cannot cause new man is resonant, prep let alone causes male consumer to seek high psychological desire.

Politic 2: Stimulate the heart of the male that loves the United States

As a result of the traditional idea fixed position to male part, market of development man underwear is in awkward situation all the time.
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