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Underwear company transition, mode should innovate
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These a few years, the pattern of underwear market is heat preservation gradually desalt, household is taken rise abruptly, the bra is smooth, without seam be in adjust period, and the development as the market, appear a few new cases, a lot of foreign trade enterprise, brand that makes home market, doing strategical adjustment, in order to form new core competition ability, go developing home or foreign market.

Transition of company of foreign trade underwear wants home market of have a thorough grasp

Guangdong some foreign trade enterprise begins transition to make home market from last year, asked forces of one big band to operate, but do not understand to home market, so, end in order to fail finally. The reason that the after the event of sale chief inspector that is in charge of this project sums up failure has the following sides.

Product development

New brand should enter home market, need time, but industry employer still is met come over the tape of product train of thought that makes foreign trade. That is bought namely edition, see good edition, buy change a little, roll out immediately, overall for, what underwear enterprise makes foreign trade is low end product, do not have high-gradely in, basic it is current goods, the product is to belong to primitive the sort of, such, the enterprise is bought edition, the design of oneself does not follow to go up, did not form oneself product style, also lack competition ability.

The market is run

Early days of sale in domestic market is to matting needs huge investment, this kind puts in a likelihood is 23 years, go becoming market basis, build the network, ability can have effect. But the boss of the enterprise won't think so, because sale in domestic market is in,early days is imponderable investment follows yield. And the boss can calculate sometimes with making the pattern of foreign trade, to the market the operation brings pressure. Making sale in domestic market is to have stock, make foreign trade basic it is to do not have inventory, you produce below how many order for goods how many, it is 0 inventory, and make home market different. The product sends the market, good buy, can mirror immediately come out, and make home market, absolutely meeting has stock, the boss always may hope is the operation of 0 inventory. Return a money this, become for sale abroad or in another part of the country, it is firmer that payment for goods can say this piece, want a client only odd, can have subscription. And make home market, agency debt is commonner, a little big agent may owe just a little 1 million. Fall in this kind of circumstance so, the policy of underwear enterprise can be pressed very to death, main demand is cash merchandise on hand, give the sale personnel of the enterprise very great pressure. Just began to make sale in domestic market, the product does not have an advantage, company management still is suiting in the center, the boss' train of thought still is being adjusted in, below this kind of circumstance, had made the market only, will make the market bit by bit, and the boss may not think so, he has a kind to compare the train of thought that go all out, the company that takes oneself and others are compared, weak force brand and strong brand are compared, cause amlposition of market fixed position so, include the price of the product, sale strategy produced fault with actual condition. Cause incommensurate, foreign trade turns sale in domestic market should succeed, need time, a lot of elements of the enterprise want to adjust, the adjustment that includes personnel, adjustment of the product, adjustment of the market. Say so, foreign trade turns sale in domestic market, who to see can hold to finally, final ability can win.
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