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Sale concept should innovate
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Notional innovation is attention of more and more underwear brand place, when they go after innovation, no matter be design and color or design,go up, strive to accomplish extraordinary, however meanwhile, we discover although making the shop sign that “ originality home spins ” or “ concept home spins ” ,a few spin a brand, actually is however very much the same, the feeling that presents a person is east copy a bit, take on the west a bit, medley and the ” of alleged “ originality that becomes oneself, the concept falls very hard to real point. Such originality, can be the surface layer that stays in originality only, and the essence that did not master originality and marrow.

Notional innovation needs to combine actual market condition more, if blindly go going after “ new, strange, special ” , its can be just the opposite to what one wished instead as a result. Accordingly, notional creation, cannot be aerial pavilion, must want to have solid base however. Although advanced a lot of ideas,at present the numerous home on the market spins a brand, but look according to the author, do not fall for the most part among them real point, often hang high in sky. Make consumer right its brand produces feeling of some kind of distrust.

If some underwear is located in sexy underwear surely, but from terminal figure and brand advertisement, basic system does not come out now a kind of such fixed position, look be like special beauty, but deviate original fixed position, the result associates in what this field cannot produce in consumer intelligence, let a few consumer finally feel it and other home are spun without too big distinction, this deviated from its take affection sale, get the original intention of popular feeling