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Affection sale, emotional sale
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· division straps general of benefit of sale expert humble to ever assigned the consumptive behavior general interest of people into 3 phase especially: The first spending level that is a quantity, the 2nd it is qualitative consumptive level, the 3rd it is emotive spending level. The consumptive demand of this and Masiluo happens to have the same view without administrative levels theory. Compete to turn white-hot intensely now especially in the market, the spending of people is total administrative levels and form more diversity, tall stratification, sensibility is changed, the consumptive demand of people also more diversification, complication, individuation, mood is changed. People pays attention to the make public of individual character more, of spirit cheerful. Affection sale becomes an enterprise to pull be contacted with consumer nearly and establish company brand image, model company brand beauty praise degree, the new student edge tool that extends the market, and the influence greatens increasingly become deep.

The ancients cloud: “ make a psychological attack is on ” , the heart with touching “ , mo Xian affection ” . If the enterprise is managing a true client in the process to look,be god, base point is with affection in producing management course, seek the key position of some kind of affection of product and consumer hard, hand-in-hand travel is directional and accurate cut, refinance aids certain advertisement skill, with the affection screen of the projectile and penetrable consumer of affection, gift packing, the connotation of the mental respect such as advertisement, sales promotion, design and intelligence of animals, make consumer experiences emotive resonance and absorb strongly, arouse consumer with all one's strength buy subconscious.

This shows, the individual affection difference that affection sale is a consumer and demand manage strategic core of the activity as the enterprise, pack through affection of have the aid of, the public relations of advertisement of design of affection brand, affection, affection, affection, management that waits for strategy to realize an enterprise target.