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Essay sale
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Essay “ Zhao Benshan sells abduct ” is a more classical humorous the living theatre not only, however it returns can to say at the same time is a classic sale case, this essay drama involved 3 parts and an abduct: As the bargainor's Zhao Benshan and Gao Xiumin, regard the consumer of buyer as Fan Wei, abduct is only product, this looks is a simple seller's market model, it is a model of demand of superfluous market creation however actually, namely the product was not produced according to consumer demand, consume through education, cultivate the market and just sold the product that does not have demand go out, earn the satisfaction of consumer and self-identity, facilitate the next time market opportunity. In whole trade in the process:

From market level analysis, buyers and sellers is put in information asymmetry, as buyer, ability of judgement of model Wei consumption and product identify customer capability is not high, he is opposite already product (abduct) do not understand, blur to oneself consumptive demand again, belong to actualer medium blind model, from numerous model consumptive group, the only way that he knows product function is the Zhao Benshan that serves as a bargainor or Gao Xiumin educational guiding. Do not understand as a result of what make annulus place to the market and of information close quality, the educational spending that just brings about this bargainor Zhao hill, sale strategy that cultivates the market is able to come true easily, zhao Benshan did not employ too much sales promotion method to trade with respect to what realized inequity behavior.

From the angle analysis of seller's market, zhao Benshan accumulated much consumptive behavior experience and skill of stronger sales promotion actual combat for certain, he knows the market to be familiar with a sale again already, of short duration no matter he is to still pass market survey consult market information, anyhow, he what serve as a bargainor held the dominant position of the market, be familiar with the relevant knowledge of own product, understood consumer psychology again at the same time and adopt Gao Xiumin of timely affection sale —— assist, below the influence of integrated sale idea your kind effort is set bureau, again consumer of which weak force can keep out this kind of affection to permeate the concussion of type conformity sale, look at desire to buy to height is aroused, unless he did not pay ability, however Zhao Benshan is successful.

Will analyse from the angle of the sale, this is a product established the sale that still does not have demand creates pattern, the demand that what normally we contact is company course market mostly is investigated and roll out the product that caters to consumer demand, do not consider to consume behavior beforehand and roll out a product and cast city, this is the behavior of adventurer, not be company action. The product is established the content that decided consumption and means, market size is established also, perhaps do not have demand, or demand cannot expand, this need changes the acknowledge of consumer, although be,won't change because of the product, but the attitude of consumer has infinite flexibility, the increase that finds this product and customer only connects a dot, accuse through appropriate and close conduct propaganda for oneself the quantity has something made to order beg affirmation to be able to let consumer find this product personally. Thought of this kind of sale cultivates the market that does not have demand, let them accept them product, this is equal to in the change consumptive behavior, influence is consumed decision-making. This has higher integrated quality with respect to need bargainor: Master behavior of sale idea, familiar consumer, comprehend sales promotion skill, facilitate heavy reestablish diplomatic relations is easy.
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