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The brand builds an error
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Famous brand is the brand name that name of a Gao Zhi spends only, and the brand includes more content, famous spending is only among them one of.

Brand one word originates “brandr” of ancient Norwegian character, if why ”——“ of means “ brand keeps brand in consumer memory? ” sees the centre of gravity of the brand depend on “ leaving brand ” , cool breeze of and rather than is swayed like let consumer know brand name is so simple. Come from the definition say, the brand is an integrated, complex concept, it is brand, name, pack, style of the price, history, fame, symbol, ad the aeriform summation that wait.

From found a process to come up tell, famous brand passes the advertisement cost of high specified number to be able to be brought up, get ceaseless investment nevertheless, do not have a few days of consumer to throw you in memorial dustbin otherwise; And should build a brand, it is complex and the project of huge, must accomplish the entire content related enterprise and consumer, do abiding, do solid. Wait like road of Coke Cola, Kodak, 10 thousand treasure crossing all without exception of national big look forward to is to pass more than 100 years of ground thoroughly tempered just repairs Cheng Zhengguo, the brand that became world-class is patristic.

In light of the effect that produces, the brand is more powerful than famous brand, time is more protracted, the effect is more apparent.

About the brand have formidably circulate very wide case, say a president that is Coke Cola company ever said very self-confidently, make the factory of whole world Coke Cola was dropped by a baked wheaten cake one day which already, so, by but this brand, we can regain one's feet comes.

Is this president mouth-filling? If think Coke Cola comes for years is the first brand of world all the time, you also are “ big ” with respect to inadequacy.

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