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Originality sale
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Successful new product originality appears on the market plan must be to cause attention of leader sex brand above all, and had better be soft costal region of leader sex brand. We see plan of products introducing to the market of sex of a lot of so called originality basically has rarely actually today cause emulative brand to lead sexual brand to notice especially, so that market resource effect basically cannot get enlarge sex processing. So, the products introducing to the market that we judge a weak force has originality sex to be about to look to cause leader sex brand to notice to be hit even above all;

Next, can cause mainstream media to pay close attention to actively. The face has two main keywords here: It is mainstream media firstly, we must notice is mainstream media, either those who not matter is second-class tab, even if be an enterprise,operate actively, also must be mainstream media, otherwise the effect can sell at a discount greatly; It is active attention secondly. Actually, active attention has two levels, or is the topic hits the mark really, can cause attention of marketplace common people, or is the company operates actively, can cause extensive echo.

The 3rd, it is certain to have can change a gender. We look, successfully originality sex products introducing to the market always is had very intense strategical the purpose is inside, not be to be absolutely temporarily fast and those who undertake is optional make. No matter be of yellow hill,taste suck a plan, the blow that still is farmer spring is pure water is politic, be the conspire that rolls out to build dominant position of him core competition lift, removed an area to lie between competitive brand really, clever borrow the purpose of situation.

The 4th, do not be infatuated with simple originality sale absolutely, be in next originality sale strategy is how-to building to surpass the strategic program of adversary however. Building basic famous spend a foundation to go up, huang Shan rolled out “ quickly to taste Huang Shan the transmission of Tian Gaoyun weak ” is politic, and farmer spring has sale visual sense transferring to sports sale, realized engraft of healthy concept success.