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Had done total representative
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Reed Song market group manage many give priority to with archives of husband and wife, the yellow boss husband and wife that in Zhi Chao square does Hangzhou to always act as agent according to accept dress Hunan is such. When the reporter is interviewed, “ husband Mr ” Mr Huang just sat down, receive client telephone call again immediately, must not no hurry business went. He says: “ covers my wife, she is some clearer. ”

Yellow boss is Cantonese, wife king Ling beautiful come from Hubei Chibi. Yu Andong serves when two people are young company of a clothing. Dress of Wang Cong thing sells an analysis, huangze purchases cloth technically for the company. One south one north two people, because of dress acquaintance, union, hit jointly for dress go all out.

“2003 year, our in pairs resigns, come to individual plant continent reed Song, the decision enters his career one time. ” Wang Ling beautiful introduction: “ now, we had been in individual plant continent bought housing, individual plant continent became our home, we are in the business of individual plant continent, made a career that we are done heart and soul actually. ”

Mention the experience that makes total representative, wang Ling beautiful think, want to had done 3 to precede, namely idea banner, brand precedes and precede as a result.

The idea is banner, those who say is the assurance to the market actually. She thinks, do total representative, must accurate hold get offline join in the “ position ” of business. General situation, mix by urban size shop is located the position, the market should differentiate for A, B, C3 class, like Changsha, Wuhan such urban flourishing shop is A kind, individual plant continent such ground level city, gold flourishing shop is A kind, general position is B kind, the gold flourishing shop of prefectural class city is B kind, general position is C kind. Class is different, consumptive ability is different, total representative differs for the shop goods that get offline, program. With prefectural class C kind look, basically be to face rural market, common calls “ sewer ” , it is A, B namely kind the channel that wash money, spoken parts in an opera, stock product is appropriate at walking along C kind the market, when establish a point or distributing money, must suit the remedy to the case.

The brand is banner, what point to actually is to should lead style, female outfit especially such. She thinks, current, recreational female outfit leads tide with Fujian, Guangdong, and fashionable dress criterion stands in tide with Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan most advanced, make a brand, this have to be certain.

The result is banner, those who tell is to have pay, but heavier result. “ result ” is, roll out the dress that always acts as agent in complete province without fail, one batch joins in steadily team. Its are paid include a lot of, the key is to should give aid to good client, become firm client.
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