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Underwear sells to realize poineering dream on Mm net
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On the net set up shop should pass a series of complex application matter, after all programs do, store opens rose, the business is very gloomy however, sometimes a week even ability of a month trades, such state lasted 5 months. By June, xia Lin is in accidentally when shop of a dress chats, the boss tells herself to also run a store on the net, commodity comes from hypostatic inn, lunar sale can maintain 20 thousand yuan or so, more than hypostatic inn. She of as if one find out treasure questions management secret of success to the boss repeatedly, bout school, she begins to undertake rectifying and reform to shop.

Above all, undertake to commodity price overall small are reduced. Xia Lin says, buy the client of brand underwear to be given priority to with young woman commonly, like east look ramble on the west, if can be compared other sell the home low-cost a few yuan of money, more charming to the female.

Next, raise merchandise measure and sort more as far as possible. The shop of beautiful jade of summer of initial stage of set up shop sells ten goods only, and she has many 300 merchandise now, and measures is all ready, color diversity.

Again, let more person know his shop. Xia Lin spent a yuan of money to buy software of a kind of promotion on the net, 2 words of ” of input “ underwear can search the person that sees underwear on the net, at this moment she again the form with the greeting, deliver oneself shop address hundreds of clean out guest ” to on 1000 “ very, attracted a lot of girls. In the meantime, she still joined consumer to ensure a service, to clean out treasure to make 1000 cash deposit, mai Jiaru submits the evidence that buys issue of commodity quality presence about place, clean out compensate of Bao Kexian travel to pay, the person that gives those to dare not shop on the net easily so hit ” of needle of potion “ strong heart.