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Underwear sale 4 old ways
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The underwear industry of fontal city is given priority to with extroversion economy all the time, this is pressed down with deep Shanghai of Jin Jiang of ——— of Chinese underwear famous city again among them most typical, this product that presses down 95% above is to export world each district. In recent years, as the change of international trade situation, fontal city is not little underwear enterprise changes one part vision the home market with market huge share, in this change, the entrepreneur that is deep Shanghai people go in thereinbefore. So, in “ by outside arrive inside in the process of ” , what kind of kind did bound of fontal city underwear take? What advantages and disadvantages do they have each?

Enter business to exceed purchase channel

Better in situation of exit of deep Shanghai underwear before some year, already the enterprise tries to divide a cup of a thick soup on home market. Their some tries to enter business to exceed purchase channel, be in thereby retail on own fair share, this among them, tell limited company of dress of 100 million knitting in order to be located in the fontal city of deep Shanghai most typical. Mix through strict assessment guard a pass, 100 million entered Woerma to purchase current channel, become one of underwear supplier of Woerma.

Although come nearly 9 years,Wo Erma is home because of the reason such as the demand a low price ” of many condemn both in speech and writing of “ of industry public figure, but open the 100 million channel that enter large chain supermarket through promoting a product quality, be worth underwear enterprise to draw lessons from however.

Retail terminal builds open

Long-term since, industry of deep Shanghai underwear takes extroversion way all the time, and the construction to brand of sale in domestic market, an enterprise threw very big energy, that amounts to limited company of beautiful dress knitting namely. Since 2006, da Li begins experimental sex ground promotes brand of own sale in domestic market, open the brand shop that gives oneself in stone lion and fontal city urban district early or late. Introduce according to Wu Yunfeng of this company general manager, through fumble and be being improved, da Li obtained right result in the monopolistic site of stone lion and fontal city, nowadays, its wait for a gleam of to the city still is opened or be about to open brand shop in Shanghai, Beijing, sell own brand product. As we have learned, da Li still will enrol chamber of commerce through running the throughout the country, the distributors that invites countrywide each district joins in.

The lot falls international brand dealership

This year, the ground of fontal city fir that is located in development of technology of fontal state economy makes the clothing limited company and the authoritative NBA with allied basketball together, mutual collaboration, fir ground gains the access that “NBA” marks, as we have learned, this also is NBA first accredit underwear enterprise uses his to indicate.
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